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Practice Management and Consulting

About Us
Health Management Services, Inc. (HMS) was founded in 1991 to provide a full array of medical management services to The Friedell Clinc, S.C. Developed by Doctor Peter E. Friedell and a staff of three, HMS now employs over twenty five experienced health care experts and has grown into one of the Chicago area's more highly regarded medical management companies providing consulting and management expertise in virtually all arenas of today's challenging health care marketplace.

Initially, Health Management Services spawned the growth of The Friedell Clinic into a multi-specialty medical practice with both salaried and independent contracting physicians. A group of over fifty primary care and specialty physicians provide high quality medicine to patients enrolled through partial risk managed care contracts and for traditional fee for service patients. The HMS staff includes nurse managers who ensure high quality, appropriate medical care with a keen eye on utilization management as well as customer service representatives to ensure patient satisfaction.

After the early success with the management of The Friedell Clinic, HMS expanded its medical management services with the acquisition of The Williams Clinic, Ltd. By 1995, this well established community medical practice was losing over $1000.00 per week. Its patient base was dwindling, and management was unable to deal with the emerging managed care marketplace. Upon HMS assuming management operations, The Williams Clinic was turned around in a matter of weeks through a process of cost containment and improved contracting for services. Once profitability was established, the practice was acquired by Friedell and its patient base has stabilized and grown and is now a part of the larger Friedell Clinic network.

In 2000, HMS and The Cook County Bureau of Health Services entered into a contractual arrangement for the case management of cancer patients treated at Provident Hospital. This program aided these patients with limited resources to obtain optimal cancer management by providing support services for these very sick patients who, because of lack of resources in the County Hospital System, had to seek care elsewhere. Management included identification of patient needs, tracking patient care, and follow up, including cost effective prescription drug management. This program ended with the opening of the new Stroger Hospital of Cook County which is able to provide services within the County System.

HMS has been a leader in information technology systems for managing health care. It has developed its own software for physician billing, claims management, and patient management. These systems have provided patients with high quality care and follow up while allowing HMS to remain profitable.

Patient satisfaction has remained high as tracked by the high marks Friedell medical practices have received from all of its contracted health plans. Health Management Services quality assurance plans are a model for other entities to emulate. However, true patient satisfaction can be seen from the high patient retention rate all of the Friedell medical practices enjoy.

In order to respond to a growing demand for increased services, in 2002, two ancillary companies were established; Friedell Consulting LLC and Friedell Management LLC. These companies give HMS the ability to expand its operation beyond medical practice management into other areas of health management such as marketing, physician recruitment, and providing consulting services for the physical expansion of a hospital based medical practice. These services include finding appropriate space, negotiating lease and purchase agreements, and additional sources of funding.

Health Management Services, Inc. and its ancillary companies provide the vision and the hands on approach that today's medical marketplace demands.

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